Savanna Redden

Savanna is proud to be a Democrat who strongly supports our Second Amendment rights. She is a gunowner, her immediate and extended family all own guns, and she believes it is our constitutional right as Americans to bear arms

Guns are integrated into the fabric of American society. They remain a point of pride for many, whether they are used for hunting, sport shooting, or personal protection. They guarantee us strength against any military power, foreign or domestic, that stands to question our freedom. 

Protecting 2A Rights

Savanna has no intent on restraining accessibility to assault rifles, gun accessories, or other specific gun types - she is a data driven person and the research doesn't support reasons why these should be limited.

She will, however, focus legislation on gun safety and research. Savanna believes that gun safety is a bipartisan issue; children, people with mental illness, people on watch lists, and those with a criminal history of violence should not have access to firearms. To ensure that individuals in these categories cannot obtain lethal weapons, background checks should be increased and made mandatory for buyers in private gun sales and gun shows. 


At the time of purchase, Savanna believes sellers should required to include basic information about safely storing the gun and the 5 basic Firearm Safety Rules. Something as simple as a pamphlet could help  reduce the amount of child-related gun deaths, as nearly 1,300 children younger than 18 years of age die from shootings every year.

Lastly, she believes that efforts should also be taken to fully repeal the Dickey Amendment, a 1996 amendment which has prohibited federal funding for research or data collection on gun violence. It is vital that science and gun violence data be factored into policymaking decisions so that we can keep our society safe and secure while also preserving gun rights.

  • Defend the Second Amendment for all

  • Advocate that educational information about gun storage and safety be provided at the time of gun sales

  • Increase background checks to ensure that people with an established mental illness or violent criminal history cannot obtain a weapon

  • Support repealing the Dickey Amendment to promote research on gun safety and violence

As Your Congresswoman Savanna will:


About Savanna's Platform

"I am fighting for every American to have access to affordable, quality health care; to advance criminal justice reform; to demand equality for LGBTQ+ and Black communities; to support our aging population; to lower taxes for working families and small businesses; to raise taxes on the ultra-rich and large corporations; to accelerate pathways to citizenship for immigrants; to address our climate crisis; to bring new jobs and industries to the economy; to make affordable housing a right; to provide higher education to all; to give the public a louder voice than special interests."