Hi, I'm Savanna

I am a millennial.

I am an ally.

I am a gun owner.

I am a Buckeye.

I am a baker.

I am a civil rights advocate.

I am a wife.

I am an animal lover.

I am an obsessive organizer.

I am a debater.

I am an EV driver.

I am bisexual.

I am a world traveler.

I am a volunteer.

I am a dog mom.

I am data driven.

I am a gamer.

I am a fact-based policymaker.

I am a Cincinnatian.

About Savanna

Savanna Redden is running to be the first female U.S. House Representative in Ohio’s 1st District.

Redden was raised in Cincinnati by her parents alongside her younger sister, Gabby. Her mother stopped working to become a fulltime caretaker following her sister’s birth, after receiving the lifechanging news that Gabby was born with Down Syndrome. After her father retired from the Airforce, he delivered pizzas, worked in other service jobs, and used WIC to be able to provide for the three of them until launching a career in the aerospace industry later in life. 

As a young student, Redden excelled in school and received high marks in accelerated classes, earning college credits as early as 10th grade. While in high school Redden worked, danced competitively, volunteered in the DSAGC community, and often cared for her sister.  Her work ethic set her apart from her classmates as she worked to save for opportunities that her parents could not afford to give her.

Redden self-funded her education at the Ohio State University, graduating from the Scholar’s program with a business degree in Operations Management and a focus in Spanish for Business. She took on the challenge to compress a four-year degree into three years, studying hard and juggling multiple jobs on 2nd and 3rd shift during the academic year. During breaks from OSU she attended classes at local community colleges to gain additional credits and held three internships at Fortune 500 companies. 

After graduating, Redden joined the private sector to manage multimillion dollar districts for Aldi. She traveled throughout Ohio and West Virginia while handling recruiting, development, and performance management of 40+ employees at a time. She was also responsible for her stores’ payroll budgets, staffing projections, security audits, and inventory reviews.  An innovator, Redden created new tools to reduce waste and increase ordering accuracy that would be utilized by other district managers across the region.

Her background at Aldi later enabled her to take on a management role at the Cincinnati-based company Vantiv. With her strong skillset in process improvement, Redden quickly identified a critical gap between Operations and Product Development at the company. She took the initiative to teach and upskill herself in Salesforce platforms, becoming the missing bridge between new technology rollouts and end-users. Within one year she was promoted and asked to lead the Advisor Experience Program (AEP), taking on a role as the sole person in Operations to design, implement, and train all new tools and technologies to Vantiv’s 1000+ advisors across the globe. While managing the AEP, she also designed and led the WACC team, a group of sixteen high-potential, entry-level employees that she selected, mentored, and taught for a year, helping to elevate them to higher roles at the company.


In addition to her career success, Redden has served as an organizer and volunteer in the Down Syndrome Community of Greater Cincinnati (DSAGC) for almost two decades. She has coordinated and attended events for Top Soccer, the Special Olympics, the Buddy Walk, Gigi’s Playhouse, and many others. Redden is also a weekly volunteer with the Al Hampton Mentoring Program at Oyler Community Learning Center, where she dedicates her time to helping young students improve their reading and math skills.

Her experience over the years of having a differently-abled sister and relationships with people from various backgrounds has brought into focus how many families around her are struggling. Struggling from not having healthcare, as parents of children with disabilities are often forced to take on thousands of dollars of medical debt for their child to survive and thrive. Struggling from unaffordable childcare and low wages, as many parents sacrifice one of their incomes, like Redden’s mother, to stay home as a caretaker even though many families are barely getting by on two incomes. Struggling from an underfunded educational system as teachers’ time and resources are reduced, straining their ability to teach to anyone above or below the standard. Struggling from trauma and police violence as officers respond to calls of people with disabilities rather than social workers.

In talking with many Cincinnatians, Redden has found that these struggles are not unique to families of people with disabilities; these issues are affecting her entire community, following years of stagnant and stalled progress by our federal leadership.

She believes that we need to create jobs that pay us livable wages, housing that does not take over 30% of our income, and universal healthcare that is not tied to our jobs. That we need the richest 1% to pay their fair share in taxes so that we can fund the shift to green infrastructure and energy. That we need criminal justice reforms to address the deep race and class disparities that persist in policing, prosecution, and sentencing. That we need to federally legalize and tax marijuana, using those revenues to address the harms that the “war on drugs” and opioid crisis has caused. That everyone should be allowed to love who they love and to be their truest self in whatever identity that is. And that public servants should answer only to their constituents, not lobbyists and corporations.

Redden claims that these ideas are not actually radical at all; they are necessary to prevent the wealth gap from widening more and to ensure our tax dollars go towards improving our communities. She believes that decades of political fearmongering and little progress has convinced voters of a lie that they cannot live happier, healthier lives. She is running for Congress to bring fact-based policymaking back to the district and to show that our representative should not be beholden to anyone but the people of Cincinnati.

She loves her community. She believes in progress. She wants to serve. And while she doesn’t have political experience, she will do whatever it takes to win the district and become its first congresswoman.

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