Savanna Redden
Energy &  the Environment

Unemployment numbers and global temperatures are both at record highs. The fast rate of our planet's decline is causing irreversible damage to our farming industries, coastal cities, ecosystems and wildlife populations, and food security.


Not only is the overall health and stability of our nation at stake, but also the wellbeing of our planet if the United States is not willing lead the global initiative to combat these changes.

The scientific consensus is unambiguous: if pollution from fossil fuel combustion is not controlled, the consequences will be even more dire. We have paid $1.79 trillion for natural disasters since the 1980's and 3x the amount of taxpayer dollars, as the frequency of billion-dollar-disasters continues to increase each decade. 

In order to combat the rising costs and disastrous effects of climate change, our country needs to move toward a cleaner and more renewable future for long-term sustainability. We must also ensure a plan for the millions of workers currently employed in the fossil fuel, automotive, and manufacturing industries, among other sectors that emit large quantities of greenhouse gases.


Savanna supports climate reforms that will create millions of jobs while transitioning to renewable and clean energy. Whether that is accomplished with a historic socioeconomic program on par with FDR's New Deal (like the Green New Deal) or other aggressive Federal initiatives, Savanna understands we must establish sweeping climate policies that create new jobs while moving our country in the direction of clean energy, and FAST.

She knows that we'll need people to oversee the storage of renewable energy facilities; who will manufacture energy-efficient appliances; who will construct green buildings and transportation; who will plant trees; who will engineer new ways to decarbonize. Savanna believes we need a Federal plan for transitioning these transitioning workers, including skilling and training them for their new role. She also believes they deserve livable wages, union job security, and good benefits like retirement security, paid time off, and adequate family and medical leave,

Our country has been through a mismanaged pandemic, had years of underemployment and stagnant wages, and lost millions of jobs due to automation. A large push to green energy is the kind of stimulus we need to revitalize our economy and support our working class, and Savanna is committed to supporting policy that will do just that.

  • Make energy and environmental policy on the basis of scientific evidence — not lobbying by industrial polluters

  • Support large-scale climate policies that drastically reduce carbon emissions and address our country's need for greener infrastructure

  • Never take money from lobbyists or PACs, as they statistically have the oil and gas industries' interests in mind over the public’s and planet's

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About Savanna's Platform

"I am fighting for every American to have access to affordable, quality health care; to advance criminal justice reform; to demand equality for LGBTQ+ and Black communities; to support our aging population; to lower taxes for working families and small businesses; to raise taxes on the ultra-rich and large corporations; to accelerate pathways to citizenship for immigrants; to address our climate crisis; to bring new jobs and industries to the economy; to make affordable housing a right; to provide higher education to all; to give the public a louder voice than special interests."