Savanna Redden
Immigration Reform

This country was built by immigrants; they are the backbone of our society, from our economy to our personal relationships.


Cincinnati is no stranger to this – our boom in meatpacking and shipping brought many political refugees after the 1848 German Revolution. Between 1840-1850, Germans increased tenfold. By 1890, 57% of Cincinnatians were born in Germany or had German parents.

Over 100 years later, Ohio is still seeing large immigration trends. From 2000 to 2018, our foreign-born population has increased by 56% to more than 528,000, accounting for 5% of the state’s population.

We, like any other country, must know and control who crosses our borders. This includes restricting immigration not only from Mexico, which has been our previous administration's biggest focus, but also from all other countries to ensure that we aren't taking in more people than we can accommodate. Contrary to much of the fearmongering pushed by Republicans and Steve Chabot, Savanna is not advocating for "open borders" or unregulated immigration. She believes we need to be pragmatic and humane about our approach to immigration policy and reform.

Savanna's immigration strategy aims to maintain border security while still respecting human rights, prioritizing American workers, minimizing immigrants’ time spent in detention, and creating a path to legal status for those already here, especially children and adults here under DACA. She believes in the importance of our country's historic identity as a safe haven for people fleeing persecution and striving for opportunity, as well as our commitment to human rights. She also believes that the 21st century solution to smart immigration is through developing and using modern technology, not archaic wall building.

Politicians that can't respond to discussions of immigration reform without stoking fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) should not be representing the diverse people of our country.  We need a representative who handles immigration with data and facts, not division and fear, and that representative is Savanna.

  • Fight to end The Trump Administration’s racist and inhumane family separation, which has continued throughout Biden's Administration despite policy reversals

  • Work with our immigrant communities towards policies of safety and prosperity, not separation, cruelty, and poverty

  • Vote to abolish ICE

  • Support creating a fair pathway to citizenship for our undocumented Americans, including revamping our visa system and codifying DACA

  • Advocate to reform our immigration court system to provide the capacity to process asylum claims and hear all immigration cases

  • Create laws and policies that hold businesses accountable for hiring and exploiting undocumented immigrants

  • Ensure livable and humane conditions for detained immigrants and minimize any time spent in detention

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About Savanna's Platform

"I am fighting for every American to have access to affordable, quality health care; to advance criminal justice reform; to demand equality for LGBTQ+ and Black communities; to support our aging population; to lower taxes for working families and small businesses; to raise taxes on the ultra-rich and large corporations; to accelerate pathways to citizenship for immigrants; to address our climate crisis; to bring new jobs and industries to the economy; to make affordable housing a right; to provide higher education to all; to give the public a louder voice than special interests."