Black Lives Matter in Cincinnati and Everywhere Else

Updated: Feb 26

Black lives matter.

It's a statement, a movement, and a mindset.⁠⠀

BLM doesn't imply that other races don't matter, and it doesn't mean that Black lives matter more... it asks for Black lives to matter as well.

BLM advocates for reform specifically for Black Americans because they are disproportionately impacted by police violence and systematic racism in our nation. Cellphone cameras and police bodycams have brought to light many injustices that used to be concealed, hundreds of which were recorded in the summer of 2020 amidst peaceful protests. These injustices aren't likely to be shown on Fox, CNN, and other MSMs who are fine with keeping the status quo, so to really understand them takes extra effort. ⁠

A great start is to listen to personal accounts from someone who has had these experiences. If you don't have many Black people in your life to talk with, then make an effort to diversify your media and information (podcasts, journalistic news sources, first-person videos from Reddit, varying Instagram accounts, etc.). Cultivate your view of the world with a diverse perspective.

The truth is that doing this may make you uncomfortable. It takes empathy and compassion to advocate for a cause that isn't self-benefiting, and strength to stand up for someone more vulnerable than you. But if we all tried to step into someone's shoes more it would mean a better America for all.⁠⠀

I marched alongside 10,000+ other people in Cincinnati's BLM protest this past summer. It was awe-inspiring to see so many diverse people advocating for equality - every race, age, gender, and income status together shouting "no justice, no peace" and advocating for black lives. I'm not part of an "Antifa" group or any organization affiliated with BLM, I just feel that it's really important to fight for others to have equal rights as I do.

To anyone still saying "All Lives Matter" - well, you're missing the point entirely. But sure, if you want to keep using it then you better include: refugees, immigrants, trans people, poor people, religions aside from your own, the LGBTQ+ community, people of color, disabled people, AND black lives -- otherwise it's not really "All", is it?




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