Guns at the Range & Our Second Amendment Rights

Updated: Feb 26

Josh and I took a trip to the gun range recently as an activity to safely get out of the house! Although we own a S&W Governor, we wanted to try out some new guns so we rented an AR-15 and a Glock. This was my first time shooting the AR and it was a blast - such a shame that ammo costs so much right now or we definitely would've stayed longer. I have a family member who owns an AR, so I'll have to find some time to shoot theirs in the future after enjoying this one so much.

I am proud to be a Democrat who strongly supports the Second Amendment. I myself am a gunowner, my immediate and extended family all own guns, and I believe it is our constitutional right as Americans to bear arms. I have no intentions of changing or limiting gun access if elected, despite what some people on the opposite side of the aisle would like you to think.

Guns are integrated into the fabric of American society. They remain a point of pride for many, whether they are used for hunting, sport shooting, or personal protection. They guarantee us strength against any military power, foreign or domestic, that stands to question our freedom.

I believe that gun safety is a bipartisan issue. Children, people with mental illness, people on watch lists, and those with a criminal history of violence should not have access to firearms. Background checks should be increased and made mandatory for buyers in private gun sales and gun shows, to ensure that individuals in these categories cannot obtain lethal weapons. I do not support any bans on assault weapons or accessories for guns, because the data does not support that these are a leading issue.

I do believe that efforts should be taken to fully repeal the Dickey Amendment, a 1996 amendment which has prohibited federal funding for research or data collection on gun violence. It is vital that we have recent, valid data on what is occurring so that we can keep our society safe and secure while also preserving gun rights.

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